The flame of Keren Rachel


Keren  Rachel is fondated in memory of our mother, Mrs  Rachel Benchetrit, daughter of David and Yakot Laredo, who left this  world  Chevat 14th, 5763 – january 17th, 2003.


The goal of Keren Rachel

Keren Rachel promotes the marriage within all the Jewish community :

– WHATEVER IS YOUR RELIGIOUS PRACTICE : not practicing, traditionalist, practicing, orthodox, hassid.

– WHATEVER IS YOUR MARITAL STATUS : single, divorced, widower, with or without children.


Thousands wishing to marry are already registered in Keren Rachel ! More than 300 marriages were celebrated since 2003 !


How does it works ?

1/ Keren Rachel is managed by Mrs. Atarah Guez, Psychologist titular of the Diploma of Scientific Specialized Studies of Clinic Psychology Of the Paris VII University (France).

2/ Our action is voluntary : you are registered for free in Keren Rachel.

3/ Fill up the form to draw up your profile.

4/ We will get in touch with you soon.


General conditions of Keren Rachel

Keren Rachel offers a service for major people within the Jewish community : you must be at least 18 years old and be Jewish. Please, don’t register if it is not the case.

1. As anybody major, you are personally responsible for any information contained in your profile and for any communication with other members of Keren Rachel.

2. You will not use Keren Rachel if your goal is not the marriage.

3. You will not insert in Your Profile false information. Consequently, Keren Rachel cannot confirm that each member is who it or it claims to be. Consequently, it is necessary to be careful while coming into contact with other members.

4. You authorize Keren Rachel to transmit information of Your Profile like your photography to a member considered to be “compatible” by this one. If you don’t wish us to show your photography, please let us known.

5. Your behavior with the other members must be respectful. You will not badger with the members with whom you were put in contact while communicating with somebody who clearly asked you to cease the communication.

6. With regard to Keren Rachel :
(a) Keren Rachel reserves the right to suspend your inscription if you are suspected of malevolent control with another member. Keren Rachel will be the only judge.
(b) Keren Rachel is not responsible for information or documents that you’ve transmitted at the time of your inscription.
(c) In any circumstance, Keren Rachel is not responsible in front of a member for any direct or indirect damage resulting from its service. Moreover, it rejects any responsibility, as far as the law, of the acts or the omissions of other members.
(d) As Keren Rachel cannot be involved in the communications or activities between members, you release Keren Rachel of very felt sorry for, request or of all damages of any nature if there is conflict.

7. The clauses of the Contract of Use are autonomous, and if one of them proves nonvalid or inapplicable, this clause can be cancelled and the others remain in force.

8. This Contract of Use cannot be interpreted against Keren Rachel for the only reason that Keren Rachel wrote it.

9. This Contract of Use regulates the agreement made between Keren Rachel and you with regard to the use of its services.